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Bionic Advisors

Don’t settle for a robo-advisor. Go Bionic!

Bionic Advisors

“Bionic Advisors” combine the benefits of technology and human advice for their clients. They offer portfolio management skills and client service from highly-credentialed and experienced advisors. Utilizing the latest investing technologies, they create optimal investment portfolios at low cost. Thus, Bionic Advisors attempt to increase opportunities for long-term financial success for every client.

One of their most important duties is to help clients understand the risks and rewards of investing. Determining appropriate risk tolerance profiles and investing goals, while guiding clients through the investing process, are critical skills. They may also help with transferring accounts, setting up monthly disbursements, and ensuring 24/7 online access to client accounts, as needed.

Bionic Advisors

At Bionic Wealth Management, we trust you to make the decision that best meets your needs. To learn more about working with us, simply take our no-obligation Investor Questionnaire to start a conversation. Also, feel free to explore options on this page from other companies. (Disclaimer: these companies may pay us a fee if you sign up with them.)

Considering working with Bionic Wealth Management if you:

  • want more than a simplistic ETF portfolio.
  • prefer an ESG portfolio.
  • demand on-going portfolio management, rather than a “set and forget” portfolio.
  • want to speak with the person who manages your portfolio.
  • need a portfolio manager with the independence and experience to choose among many investing opportunities.

Bionic Advisors

“BIONIC” is a trademark owned by Bionic Capital LLC in Los Angeles, CA. The trademark is for “financial services, namely, investment advice, investment management, investment consultation and investment of funds for others, including private and public equity and debt investment services.” FIRST USE: 20090728. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20090728

Bionic Capital LLC also owns a "BIONIC" trademark for "banking services." FIRST USE: 20120409. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 20120409

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Bionic Wealth Management offers investing technology with humanity to serve you better

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